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Fatherhood Is The Best Hood

The Fatherhood is the Best Hood Podcast was developed with the idea that men with credibility could encourage men across the country to not only be actively involved in their kids lives, but also to give them a voice in making fatherhood a world wide priority . Tune in live every Tuesday night at 7pm cst.

Behind The Scenes

The motivating force behind the podcast, The Fatherhood Encouragement Project was created to help fathers become stronger leaders in their homes and in their communities by the strategic teaching and implementation of Affirmation Leadership and intentional community service. 


More Episodes

EPISODE 08: Don’t Whoop My Child


 Is it okay to spank children? Where do you draw the line between discipline and abuse?

EPISODE 07: Salvaging Broken Relationships


Join us as we talk about the importance of our relationships for our children.

Older Episodes

Episode 06: Conquering Co-Parenting


Tune in as we discuss real life co-parenting situations and circumstances. Why it is so important to work together civilly to get the best out of your kids. Remember, it’s about them, not you.  .

Episode 05: Growing up in the System


Tune in  to a raw discussion on foster care with Social Worker, Ryan Bell. What’s it really like growing up In the system?  

Episode 04: Baby Daddy or Father Is There a Difference?


Weigh in .. Is Baby Daddy  a derogatory title for Dads? Who defines or qualifies a baby daddy? Join us live for this funny but yet serious episode. 

Episode 03: Child Support and Fathers Rights.


Join in on The hottest conversation among men and fathers in the country. Fathers rights? Do they have any at all? Join us as we discuss family court with Family Attorney Bradley Tengler.

Episode 02: Community Fatherhood


Tune in as we discuss community programs that are developed to help the burden of Fatherless children and at risk youth. Celebrating individuals who have stepped up and talking about how important these organizations are to our future. 

Episode 01: Fathering The Fatherless


 With fatherlessness at an all time High, whose responsibility is it to take the reigns and impact the youth struggling to find identity? Join us to discuss this epidemic 


About our host

Danial Petrie is a successful speaker, entrepreneur and CEO/Founder of nationally known non profit the Fatherhood Encouragement Project as well as a best selling author of his book “The Power of YOU Are" As successful as Dan has made it his life's work to encourage fatherhood and community in everything that he does. 


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